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Why Is My AC Running But Not Cooling?

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As the sweltering heat rolls in, it’s important to ensure that your air conditioning system is working to keep your home, office, or business at the perfect temperature. If you’ve found that your HVAC system is continuously running but not cooling your space, you may be left feeling frustrated and hot. Luckily, some issues can be a simple fix, while others require an expert eye. You can use the checklist below to troubleshoot your unit problems before reaching out to an ABC Southwest Plumbing & Air Conditioning professional.

Steps You Can Take on Your Own:

  1. Check the thermostat: Did you know that your thermostat is an essential component of your cooling system that helps regulate the temperature of your space? Your thermostat may need to be reset, cleaned, or placed in a different room for better responsiveness. Sometimes, a simple fix like replacing the batteries can resolve your issues!
  2. Check the filter: When your AC filter is clogged, your air conditioning unit works harder to keep your home cool. This can shorten the life span of your unit. Vacuuming your filters allows for proper airflow throughout your space and increased indoor air quality.
  3. Look at the condenser: Condensers often collect debris from the surrounding environment, leading to a damaged motor and other operating parts. With your system shut off, check to see if there is any debris around your unit preventing your system from optimally performing.
  4. Check your coils: Freezing, cracking, and dirt buildup on coils can contribute to your system not functioning as it should. If you spot buildup, lightly cleaning your coils with a mild household detergent and water mixture may help restore cooling efficiency.
  5. Is it leaking refrigerant? If you hear a hissing or gurgling noise coming out of your unit, it may be a refrigerant leak. This is often caused by cracks or holes in your unit’s coils and requires professional help. Call a Southwest expert to diagnose the problem and get your home’s system in working condition.
  6. Are the ducts leaky? Air duct leaks can lead to higher cooling costs because of an excess of energy waste. Finding the leak source can be tricky, but if you do, one temporary fix for a leaky duct is to use foil duct tape to seal the area.

Routinely maintaining your air conditioning unit ensures that it efficiently cools your home while keeping operating costs at a minimum. Don’t let your system fail you when you need it the most. Our trusted professionals can help you feel comfortable and cool throughout the summer months.

Call ABC Southwest at 941-225-2182 or contact us online to diagnose and repair your AC if the checks above don’t resolve the problem.

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