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Air Conditioner Maintenance & Tune-Up Service in Sarasota County

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A well-maintained air conditioning system will operate efficiently and help keep your home cool and comfortable. Yet many Sarasota homeowners are unaware of the need to provide their AC system with routine maintenance. At ABC Southwest Plumbing & Air Conditioning, we offer air conditioning maintenance and tune-up services as part of our overall air conditioning services to keep your system efficient and effective.

Contact ABC Plumbing & Air Conditioning Southwest today if you need AC maintenance in Sarasota.

What To Expect at Your AC Maintenance Appointment

At ABC Southwest, we have a comprehensive precision air conditioner tune-up service designed to keep your home and its AC unit running well. At your maintenance appointment, we will send a uniformed technician to your home for a comprehensive tune-up that includes:

  • Inspecting the air delivery system
  • Checking for problems and malfunctions
  • Replacing thermostat batteries
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Ensuring the system is not showing signs of a breakdown
  • Testing the efficiency of the unit
  • Making sure all electrical wiring is in its proper place
  • And more!

This thorough inspection can reduce the risk of an AC breakdown that requires repair and potentially lower your energy bills through improved efficiency.

Benefits of AC Maintenance

Why should you invest in air conditioning maintenance when your system runs properly? Some of the benefits of AC maintenance include:

  • Reduced energy bills
  • Less risk of a breakdown
  • Continued warranty coverage
  • Longer system lifespan
  • Improved effectiveness and efficiency

We recommend scheduling your AC tune-up at the start of the cooling system, typically sometime in the spring, so you get optimal use throughout the summer. Of course, since cooling is nearly year-round in our area, you can schedule this any time of the year.

Join Our Ultimate Advantage Club

Keeping your home’s plumbing, cooling, and heating systems working at peak performance and efficiency over a long service life isn’t something you can do alone. Regular professional inspections and tune-ups are essential for helping any complex piece of equipment avoid the drag of wear and tear from regular use.

Fortunately, keeping up with that maintenance doesn’t have to be a yearly headache. As a member of ABC Southwest’s Ultimate Advantage Club, you’ll not only receive the annual AC maintenance visits your system needs but maintenance for other home systems, priority service for visits during busy seasons or at unusual times, exclusive deals and discounts for members only, and automatically extended warranty protection on anything we install for you.

Sign up today and avoid costly, frustrating system breakdowns, the steady loss of efficiency leading to increasingly higher energy costs, and the substantial expense of replacing a system well before it should have failed with the help of our seasoned home service technicians.

Why Choose ABC Southwest for Air Conditioning Maintenance in Nokomis, FL?

ABC Southwest has a team of air conditioning experts passionate about helping our customers get the best use out of their air conditioning systems. We know that the hot weather in our area means you rely heavily on your air conditioner, and with maintenance, you can keep it running well. We aim to keep your home cool while exceeding your customer service expectations. We have 24/7 emergency service and always pick up the phone in person, no matter when you call.

Schedule your AC tune-up and maintenance appointment today by calling us today —  the team at ABC Southwest is waiting to serve you. 

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