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Plumbing Tips and Advice (154)

Here’s How to Drain Your Home’s Plumbing System

Posted on: October 25, 2016

There are several reasons you may need to drain your home’s plumbing system. You may have a vacation home that will be unoccupied during the winter months, and the water needs to be drained to prevent damage from frozen pipes. You may be undertaking a major plumbing, repair, or you need to drain the lines […]

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How to Drain a Water Heater Tank for Maintenance

Posted on: October 15, 2016

One of the best ways to extend the life of your water heater and ensure it operates efficiently is to flush the tank annually to remove sediment buildup. The process is straightforward, here are the steps: Shut off the water supply – Locate the cold water supply valve at the top of the water heater […]

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Garbage Disposal Jammed? Here’s How to Safely Fix It

Posted on: October 13, 2016

It’s a common problem, a wash cloth or other object falls into the sink, jams the garbage disposal and it stops running. Now what? First, and most importantly, never attempt to clear the disposal until the power has been disconnected. Do not rely on turning power off at the switch, unplug the disposal from the […]

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The ABC’s of Plumbing – Toilet Fill Valve

Posted on: October 6, 2016

The toilet fill valve a.k.a. “ballcocks” are the plumbing part that enable the toilet tank to drain, then refill after flushing. When it’s time to replace the ballcock, you will first need to know what kind you have. Here are the 5 main types of fill valve: 1. Plunger / Piston Fill Valve – Plunger or piston […]

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Toilet Filling Slowly? Here are Some Things to Check

Posted on: September 27, 2016

One of the more common plumbing problems we see is a slow filling toilet. Depending on the water pressure, a toilet tank should refill in around 3 minutes. If the toilet tank is slow to fill, the first thing to check is the shut-off valve located behind the toilet. Make sure it is fully open […]

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Will a Low-Flow Toilet Work In an Older Home?

Posted on: September 23, 2016

Installing low-flow toilets is a great way to conserve water and reduce your water bill. By using about half the volume of water as a standard toilet, you can save around a gallon and a half of water per flush. That adds up to thousands of gallons of water saved every year. Many states and […]

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Fall Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Posted on: September 22, 2016

Fall is a good time to insect your home’s plumbing system to identify any problems that could lead to damage, wasted water and unexpected repairs. 1. Fix Leaks – Inspect shower heads, faucets and other plumbing fixtures for drips. A single dripping faucet can waste hundreds of gallons of water in a year. Check toilets […]

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The ABC’s of Plumbing – Toilet Wax Ring

Posted on: September 13, 2016

If you’re noticing water around the base of your toilet, the cause may be a worn toilet wax ring. Made from a molded wax loop around a short plastic tube, wax rings are designed to fit almost any toilet and floor drain by conforming to the shape and size of the fitting. One benefit of […]

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6 Items That Should Never Get Flushed Down the Toilet

Posted on: September 5, 2016

Many consumer products are labeled as “flushable” while others seem harmless enough, but the reality is many common items can cause a major clog when flushed down the toilet. Cigarettes — Cigarettes can not only clog a plumbing system, like prescription medications, they are bad for the environment. Cotton Balls, Q-Tips, Paper Towels and Facial […]

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Choosing the Right Type of Water Heater for Your Home

Posted on: August 23, 2016

When most people think of water heaters the first thing that comes to mind is a conventional tank storage water heater. Tank water heaters store 20-80 gallons of hot water and are relatively inexpensive to purchase and install. However, because they must maintain a large volume of heated water, they can be more costly to […]

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